Hockey Stick

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Referring to an elongated cylindrical mass ending in a gentle curve, fancifully likened to a hockey stick
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Shahbaz Ahmad donated a hockey stick to support by England Hockey and working in partnership with the FIH, The Hockey Museum is always looking for additions to its collection.
Janet, who lives at Outlane, said: "We had great fun mixing up our traditional blue and white kit before Saturday's match, with orange stripy socks, tutus, wigs and even an orange hockey stick and ball.
The supposed authoritativeness of the Hockey Stick graph was derived from the fact that it was cited prominently and repeatedly in the reports of the IPCC, and featured as a visual in the media hoopla that surrounds each IPCC release.
"I grabbed the hockey stick and started swinging it, I was trying to defend myself.
"They were armed with a razor blade and a hockey stick and waited for him to arrive, but they left after they failed to find him.
A BRAVE shopkeeper grabbed a hockey stick from behind the counter and tried to knock away the gun a masked man was pointing at him, a court heard.
Mann's The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars is an exciting and re-assuring book at first encounter.
The "hockey stick" is a line graph that's become a superstar.
Horseback riders now have a new tool- the Horse Hockey Stick, introduced by Barn Buddies Boutique (
The easiest way to locate this deep-sky duo is to imagine that the stars Alpha ([alpha]), Eta ([eta]), and Theta ([theta]) Cephei form a stubby hockey stick. (I'm Canadian, so I can't help seeing hockey sticks in the sky.) The NGC pair is found just off the heel of the stick, less than a half binocular field southwest of Eta.
He also claims the 'hockey stick graph' showing a relationship between industrialised CO2 emissions and warming has been withdrawn and that NASA studies have actually shown Earth cooling since 1996.
THE HOCKEY STICK AND THE CLIMATE WARS: DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT LINES discusses the "Hockey Stick", a chart showing global temperature data over the past thousand years, which demonstrated that temps had risen with the increase in industrialization and use of fossil fuels.