Hockey Injury

Any injury related to playing ice—or, less commonly, street—hockey, in particular puck-related injuries—e.g., bone contusion or fracture, syndesmosis ankle sprain
Players sidelined by injury for 14 NHL teams average 4 per team; 10% were out indefinitely
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1,2] The most common field hockey injury is inversion ankle sprains, the injury mechanism of which has been associated with poor proprioception.
Specific topics include the influence of striker cap size on the dynamic response of a hybrid III headform, the effects of player anticipation and involvement on head impact biomechanics in college football body collisions, the analysis of a helmeted human head under ballistic impact loads, helmet shape and size consideration in short track speed skating crash pad impacts, and the epidemiology of ice hockey injury research using reliable exposure time software.
From 1990 to 2006, facial lacerations were the most common ice hockey injury to present to the emergency department in the USA, representing 16.
Jodie's bullying began at school when she was teased for having a crooked nose caused by a hockey injury.
Papers published in the Journal of ASTM International, which were originally presented at a May 2008 symposium held in Denver, review the science of ice hockey injury prevention, especially catastrophic injuries and head and neck injuries.
Scholes' Ibrar Latif may have been an important member of their title-winning team this summer, but he has nothing to smile about at the present after suffering a nasty hockey injury last weekend.
A meta-analysis of hockey injury literature conducted by Benson and Meeuwisse (2005), found that the most common types of injuries among competitive hockey players [less than or equal to] 20 years old were: contusions, sprains/strains, lacerations, concussions and fractures.
Rachael Vasmer, a partner at Chester-based Walker Smith Way solicitors, has suffered with knee and back problems since picking up a hockey injury when she was a teenager.
In Essex County, Lemire's ambitious graphic-novel trilogy, the artist's sure-handed and deft caricatures prove instantly engaging: a doe-faced boy dreaming of becoming a superhero, a careworn farmer baffled by unwanted family responsibilities, a good-natured lunkhead of a gas-station attendant still recovering from a hockey injury suffered many years earlier.
He became the first Swedish player to represent Europe in 1993, receiving a wild card from captain Bernard Gallacher, but a year later came another ice hockey injury - a dislocated shoulder and broken ribs.
Our senior clerk does work hard and knows a lot of solicitors, but tends to stay sober on the job and I've never seen him manipulating anyone's old hockey injury as a technique of persuasion.