Hobnail Pattern

A term referring to the bumpy nodularity separated by broad trabecular scars seen on the liver surface in posthepatitis cirrhosis
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Kichler, for example, used the hobnail pattern technique from the 1940s for its Karmarie collection, while the Steel line featured industrial fire glass, which has a wire frame running through it.
Under the offset sapphire disc, an engine-turned hobnail pattern decorates the dial - overarched by the semi-circular scale of the retrograde dates.
There were also papillary configuration and tufts of capillaries with hobnail pattern or match stick pattern [Figure 3, 5, 6 & 7], suggesting that there is an overlap of cavernous haemangioma with retiform haemangioendothelioma.
Typical examples of such elements are motifs like an incised star, a flying wheel and a pierced heart; and details like chipped carving, or a hobnail pattern; and a physical feature like a shallow Irish dresser.
Originally produced in the 1940s, the reintroduction is presented in the Hobnail pattern.