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Referring to a 2-dimensional (when seen on glass slides of imaging) or 3-dimensional jutting of mutiple large rounded masses above a flattened surface
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Hobnail features a textured style in a large-size glass.
People up here should be proud of what they have here ( it's not flat caps and hobnail boots any more.
These include a raised dot design called Hobnail, a floral and leaf motif called Garden Vine, and a ribbed pattern called Cirrus.
SPOT the so-called "model" - and here's a clue, it's not the elegant apparition on the right but the hobo in hobnail boots up above.
For instance, a line called Casual Gatherings includes the patterns Hobnail, Garden Vine and Cirrus, all designs that initially appeared in glass beverageware.
The flatware introduction for the International Housewares Show consists of three styles: Hobnail, a raised-dot texture; Braid; and Basket.
Labour suffered a shattering drubbing, a terrible mauling, a hobnail boot in the ballots.
Mountaineers will retrace his steps in specially adapted hobnail boots, knickerbockers, Burberry suits and fur-lined motorcycle helmets.
an m cen "His vision was not that of w hobnail booted male-voice choirs singing before dawn on the way to work, but an art which expressed the feel of the work experience through the looming towering shapes of stacks, foundries and ironworks, the coal hoists in the docks and the ungainly angular forms of gear, tackle and equipment, dominated by fiery red, ash-heap grey and iron black.
You can't go to Harry Potter-land dressed like that - you look more Lord of the Dance than Lord Voldemort," I tutted at my daughter Jesse as she came down the stairs in hot pants, lumberjack shirt, hobnail boots and a long black cloak.
com Bia Oriental hobnail teapot Kurotobi Amaroni Home, PS22, amaroni.
Classic Boston goblets, traditional diamond decor and deliberately short stems add charm to hobnail crystal glasses.