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Referring to a 2-dimensional (when seen on glass slides of imaging) or 3-dimensional jutting of mutiple large rounded masses above a flattened surface
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There were 8 hobnail and 1 columnar cell variant PTC lesions, 6 with tall cell features, 73 classical variant PTC lesions, 46 lesions with vascular and/or tumor capsular invasion, 32 with ETE and 38 with local lymph node metastasis (Fig.
Hobnail haemangioma (Targetoid Haemosiderotic Haemangioma)
F: tubules lined by hobnail cells (arrows) showing focal atypias due to a degenerative process (H&E, 200x).
The histologic features that favor NA versus prostatic adenocarcinoma include a lack of significant cytologic atypia and mitosis, presence of adjacent urothelium with papillary architecture, and vascular-like cystic tubules lined by hobnail cells set in an edematous and inflammatory stroma (Figure 2, A).
They range from "A Grand Impression," Krohn's memory of receiving a pair of coveted Levi jeans and a pair of hobnail boots for Christmas when he was 10 years old, and how the grand gift became a childhood humiliation, to "The Difficult Patient," in which his staff plays an April Fool's joke that teaches him a lesson about the doctor-patient relationship.
The inner zone features a silvered, finely hand-guilloch "Clous de Paris" or hobnail motif.
Mallory wore a Burberry suit over a woollen vest as well as a fur-lined motorcycle helmet and hobnail boots.
We Americans and Europeans have been wearing silk slippers in recent years while the Chinese have been not only wearing hobnail boots but exporting them to the rest of the world as well.
I personally insist on silent footwear as well, eschewing hobnail boots, dancing taps and skinny-soled loafers that squeak like frightened mice.
The technology also offers the production of hobnail patterns at three times the production speed of a single board machine and a combination of rib and velour patterns in one carpet and in a single pass.