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Eduard, German psychiatrist, 1838-1907. See: Hitzig girdle.
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In the century following Berkeley's proposal, many in the fields of psychology and physiology, such as Broca, Wernicke, Ferrier, Fritsch and Hitzig, focused on exploring the concept of functional localization.
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In recent years, also Hitzig and colleague highlighted also the role of age of onset: the higher the age of onset, the higher the effects on functional decline and these effects are amplified by the presence of pre-existing co-morbidities that further affect outcomes [36].
Distinguished LLC CEO, Jeremy Hitzig, said, 'American Hole 'n One is the undisputed leader in the hole-in-one business with a team that offers 30 years of industry expertise.
Accord senior vice president Simon Hitzig along with CapX managing partner Jeffry Pfeffer, founding partner James Hallene, and partners Eric Starr and Barrett Carlson, structured the transaction with Accord.
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Professor Hitzig's letter is tangential to the general thrust of our commentary.
In 1870, Fritsch and Hitzig using electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex determined that a specific area of the dog's cerebral cortex controlled motor movements (Finger, 1994).