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(hĭch′ĭngz), George Herbert 1905-1998.
American biochemist. He shared a 1988 Nobel Prize for developing drugs to treat leukemia and gout.
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"With the involvement of parents, we are happy to look at our policy again if its beneficial to the pupils," Mr Hitchings continued.
Hitchings was detained and arrested by police, and when interviewed he fully admitted the offences and was said to be remorseful.
He added: "Jed Hitchings is in a situation where he has hit one of the most well marked vehicles and in that state he panicked and he legged it, rather unwisely and unfortunately it happened to be the day it was."
Chances remained at a premium for both sides - while the hosts were dealt a major blow as Hitchings was forced off with an injury.
Author and critic Henry Hitchings shows how manners have evolved through the ages, and continue to do so, although certain basic requirements have remained virtually unaltered.
The Language Wars, Henry Hitchings's fourth book, traces the history of what David Foster Wallace deemed "the last remaining kind of truly elitist nerd": the usage curmudgeon.
Dion Hitchings utilizes geometric shapes and bright colors in his paintings to create figures.
In his richly informative book Henry Hitchings chronicles the language wars of English, its continuous skirmishes, its controversies, its often rancorous disputes.
Mr Hitchings (or should it be Henry Hitchings or just Hitchings?) is also concerned with the spoken language, vital in a world where most people hear the language spoken rather than read it.
Leamington Juniors Reserves produced the stand-out result in the first round of the Unison Cup when they bridged a three-division gap to oust Bishops Itchington 3-2, Kyle Hitchings's double proving decisive.
Allison Hitchings, child and family studies*; Erika Melanson, communication science and disorders*; Julie Hannum, communication science & disorders*; Justin Chambers, communication science & disorders*; Leandra Hutt, communication science & disorders**, Luke Teal, civil engineering; Ryan Sheehan, music education*.
In 1965, Nobel Laureate George H Hitchings affirmed that his Harvard colleague had isolated over a period several phosphorus compounds that were in all probability nucleotides involved in the synthesis of RNA and that these had to be rediscovered years later by other workers because SubbaRow was not allowed to publish them.