Hit and Run

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Medical slang A flippant term for performing an operation quickly so as not to be late for another engagement
Public safety An RTA/MVA in which the driver—often intoxicated at the time of the accident—strikes a pedestrian, bicyclist or other vehicle, and leaves the scene of the accident, often without informing authorities or emergency services; abandoning a scene is a criminal act that implies a lack of concern for the victim’s safety and welfare and thus carries severe penalties
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The number one priority for a driver who has been the victim of a hit and run accident, is to gather information.
Hastings & Hastings acknowledges the stress and frustration of being the victim of a hit and run accident, and wishes every such unfortunate driver the best of luck in seeking justice.
Director of the of the Operations Room at Ajman Police Colonel Rashid Jasem Al Shamsi said that they received a call regarding the death of an Asian man involved in a hit and run accident.
He further encouraged motorists involved in hit and run accidents to inform the police immediately, urging them not to flee the scene.
A service engineer from one of the bigger body shops in the city, said, "I was almost a victim of a hit and run accident because of a reckless delivery truck driver.