D–hydrocodone bitartrate/pseudoephedrine HCl An antitussive-decongestant for symptomatic relief of cough accompanying upper respiratory tract congestion due to the common cold, influenza, bronchitis, sinusitis
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"For example, in our NDC [National Drug Code] Directory, which is a list of marketed products, there are drugs named Histex and drugs named Histinex, and there are also drugs names Histuss HC, Histussin D, and Histussin HC, and all of these are different products."
Giant Eagle, based in Pittsburgh, is now offering customers prescriptions for the generic versions of the same seven antibiotics at no cost, along with four cough-and-cold treatments, Entex LA, Robitussin AC, Histussin, and Phenergan.
* Histinex HC, an alcohol- and sugar-free generic alternative to Bock Pharmacal Co.'s Histussin HC, and HycoClear Tuss, an alcohol-, sugar- and dye-free alternative to Central Pharmaceuticals' Codiclear DH syrup and Knoll Pharmaceutical Co.'s Vicodin Tuss.