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A measure of the ease with which a substance forms a vapor at ordinary temperatures. See Vapor pressure.


n the measure of a chemical's vapor pressure, which is the basis for its evaporation rate, boiling point and—if the chemical is flam-mable—its flammability.
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In comparative-sets, one is applying the historical volatility (BS[G.
If the historical volatility is higher, and the future volatility is projected to be higher, all else being equal, the option will have more value; the higher the probability of an increase in stock price, the higher the value of the option.
The Implied and Historical Volatility of the S&P 500
Finally, the application of this methodology is illustrated by modeling future volatility from May 29, 1995 to September 25, 1995 using ex post estimations for implied and historical volatility between September 25, 1995 and January 25, 1996.
And stock volatility has been relatively muted over the past month, with a historical volatility of 24 percent" he noted.

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