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Harald, Danish physician, 1830-1916. See: Hirschsprung disease.
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Statistical comparisons were made between Hirschsprung and non-Hirschsprung's cases using Mann-Whitney U-test.
Primary versus staged pull-through for the treatment of Hirschsprung disease.
The three most popular investigations for Hirschsprung disease are barium enema, histological study and anorectal manometry.
There is no problem in pediatric patients with Hirschsprung that aganglionic segment is located in colonic flexure while, the elderly patients may have limitations in this situation.
Biological findings highlighted leukocytosis with polynucleosis, thrombocytosis, normocytic anemia, hypoalbuminemia and complex metabolic imbalance (metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis), leading to the stage diagnosis of sepsis through enterocolitis in the context of a presumable Hirschsprung disease.
Es de vital importancia preguntar respecto al momento de la primera evacuacion, pues un retraso superior a las primeras 72 horas de nacimiento, nos debe orientar a la presencia de la enfermedad de Hirschsprung (EH) (1,3,5-9).
Pseudo-Bartter syndrome due to Hirschsprung disease in a neonate with an extra ring chromosome 8.
en seis pacientes que presentaban retardo mental, asociado a dismorfismo facial y enfermedad de Hirschsprung, sin embargo este ultimo hallazgo no se presenta en todos los casos; en dos de los seis pacientes descritos se evidencio una microdelecion en la region cromosomica 2q22, por lo que se sugirio que esta podria ser la responsable de la enfermedad.
People with Hirschsprung disease have no nerves in parts of the large intestine, so muscles don't contract to produce regular bowel movements.
Vandenplas et al (2009) list potential differential diagnosis of vomiting in infants and children to include a range of gastrointestinal obstructions or disorders, such as pyloric stenosis, Hirschsprung disease, food allergy, gastroenteritis, or neurological, infectious or metabolic disorders among others and any potentially serious or life threatening disorder should be excluded by the GP.
6 Hirschsprung desease 7 Dehydration , malnutrition and convulsive sydrome 8 Peumonia, sickle cell crisis , hypothyroidism 9 Esophageal rupture, mediastinal sepsis 10 Multilobar Pneumonia, dehydration, diabetes insipidus 11 Post surgical pieloplasty 12 Abdominal Sepsis, septic shock , convulsive syndrome 13 Limphoproliferative syndrome, tumor lysis syndrome.
All three of her children had birth defects, including Hirschsprung disease (a congenital disorder of the colon) and kidney reflux.