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Isador, U.S. dentist, 1881-1965. See: Hirschfeld canals.
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Headquartered in San Angelo, Texas, Hirschfeld is a fabricator of steel bridges and structural steel for stadiums, airports, and other large commercial and industrial projects.
The way they appear is often the first impression visitors get; why not make those the best they can be," Hirschfeld said.
Against this backdrop, Hirschfeld understands Faustus as adding 'a special fantasy of Christological imitation' (43) to the dramatic tradition: he, too, wishes to harrow hell.
Hirschfeld created his signature style after a trip to Bali in the '30s, where he noticed how the almost-blinding sunlight bleached out all color, leaving behind only black and white lines.
In a chapter on Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, Hirschfeld argues that the play engages sixteenth-century controversies over Christ's descent into hell.
Inside the store, Hirschfeld portraits stretch to the ceiling, ostrich sculptures have line-drawing accents--and in the atrium, Charlie Chaplin sits atop a Christmas tree inspired by the work of Tony Duquette, whose elaborate flourishes (particularly his malachite detailing) seem to Santana a festive counterpoint to Hirschfeld's simplicity.
Hirschfeld is just the sort of veteran Berry had in mind, and not just in name.
Neil Swan of Starlight (centre) receives the cheque from Sheila Bailey and Tony Hirschfeld of the ROA
During the birth of the 1970s gay liberation movement, some activists rediscovered the physician, sexologist, and early homosexual rights champion Magnus Hirschfeld, seeing him as a heroic pioneer of their own struggle.
Hirschfeld, 61, an avid athlete who has participated in multiple races and triathlons in the past -- though not in the Empire State Building -- came in 14th place, clocking in at 18 minutes and 28 seconds.
New York real estate tycoon, Elie Hirschfeld, officially announces the launch of www.