Hirschberg method

Hirsch·berg test

a test of binocular motor alignment by which a penlight is shone at the eyes and the position of the light reflex on the cornea observed, allowing an estimate of the amount of deviation, if present.
Synonym(s): Hirschberg method

Hirsch·berg meth·od

(hĕrsh'berg meth'ŏd)
A method of estimating the amount of deviation of a strabismic eye, by observing the reflection of a light fixated by the straight eye on the cornea of the deviating eye.


Julius, German ophthalmologist, 1843-1925.
Hirschberg method - a method of measuring the amount of deviation of a strabismic eye.
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Gaze abnormalities were detected, documented after evaluation by Hirschberg method, Krimsky's test and Prism bar cover test using horizontal or vertical prisms.