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Hirsch-Peiffer stain - see under Peiffer
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They were both pupils of the great Dr Hirsch, scientist, publicist and moralist.
Dr Hirsch, though born in France and covered with the most triumphant favours of French education, was temperamentally of another type--mild, dreamy, humane; and, despite his sceptical system, not devoid of transcendentalism.
In fact, he was a far more presentable man of science than his master, Dr Hirsch, who was a forked radish of a fellow, with just enough bulb of a head to make his body insignificant.
Hirsch invented it; Hirsch wrote this note about it.
Every instant the human sea grew wider and wider; it surged up against the rails and steps of the traitor's house; it was already certain that the place would be burst into like the Bastille, when the broken french window opened and Dr Hirsch came out on the balcony.
"I'm all on the side of the French soldiers like Dubosc, and I'm all against the French atheists like Hirsch; but it seems to me in this case we've made a mistake.
"It's exactly like Hirsch's writing, and nobody can point out any mistake in it.
"Wrong," replied the other, "and wrong exactly where Dr Hirsch would have been right--about the hiding-place of his own secret formula in his own official department.
It's manifestly absurd to say that Hirsch can have made a mistake about a paper that nobody knew of but himself; or can have tried to help a foreign thief by telling him to fumble in the wrong drawer.
And innocent or guilty, Dr Hirsch knew all about the facts."
"I can't conceive," said Brown; "I don't understand this Hirsch affair at all.
"Well," he said, rather harshly, "if Hirsch is not better than a timid treason-monger..."