von Hippel, Eugen

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von Hippel,

Eugen, German ophthalmologist, 1867-1939.
Hippel keratoplasty
Hippel trephine
von Hippel disease - retinal hemangiomatosis.
von Hippel-Lindau syndrome - a type of phacomatosis, consisting of hemangiomas of the retina associated with hemangiomas or hemangioblastomas primarily of the cerebellum and walls of the fourth ventricle, occasionally involving the spinal cord. Synonym(s): cerebroretinal angiomatosis; Lindau disease
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von Hippel, former assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology says sanctioning the Iranian leader foreign minister would certainly be counterproductive in undermining any possibility" for diplomatic talks between Iran and the US.
"The project appears to provide a significant benefit to the DPRK, in terms of supplying fuels to compensate for petroleum product imports that run afoul of United Nations Security Council sanctions passed in the last two years, although the project will not completely replace all lost imports on its own," according to a recent study for the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability by David von Hippel and Peter Hayes, two of the foremost experts on the issue.
Ted von Hippel, current star-dating techniques, based on assessments of stars in the prime or main sequence of their lives that have begun to die after exhausting their hydrogen, offer a 20-percent, or at best a 10-percent margin of error.
Firstly, there is innovation derived from the processes of co-creation with lead users; these are the people to first identify the need for a product or service, which initiated with Von Hippel (1986).
Their topics include from radical Reformation to mystical pre-Enlightenment, Chinese ethics within the radical enlightenment of Christian Wolff, gender in Rousseau's Julie ou La Nouvelle Heloise and its German reception: radical or moderate, Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel's Cber die Ehe and Cber die b'rgerliche Verbesserung der Weiber: moderate and radical contexts, and metaphors of spatial storage in Enlightenment historiography and the 18th-century magazine.
In their struggle for access to external know-how, firms revert to cooperative modes of R&D such as mutual exchange or informal know-how trading (von Hippel 1987).
The theory examines in details how a company can identify potential users as lead-users (Urban and von Hippel, 1988) but it does not answer to two basic and simple questions: (1) how exactly users may be utilized in innovation development in systematic way and (2) how companies may access and attract users for utilizing them in their innovation development.
MIT professor and innovation theorist Eric von Hippel has spent decades studying lead users, the people who are at the forefront of an industry or activity.
Bai et al., "Genetic and pharmacological strategies to refunctionalize the von hippel lindau R167Q mutant protein," Cancer Research, vol.
Even if the UN decides to cap oil exports to North Korea, that would have limited effect on its military and nuclear programme, according to a report by Peter Hayes and David von Hippel of the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, a California-based non-profit.