hip flexors

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Quadriceps, hip flexors, hamstrings

Major muscles in the thigh area which affect knee mechanics.
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Several stretching exercises, such as a standing hip flexor stretch (see below) and a supine hip flexor stretch can help strengthen and stretch the flexors.
Relax for three seconds, and then stretch your right hip flexor.
Scans have revealed a grade two tear of hip flexor muscles.
The protocols were: (i) static stretching for both hip flexor and extensor muscles (SFSE), (ii) dynamic stretching for both hip flexor and extensor muscles (DFDE), (iii) static stretching for the hip flexors and dynamic stretching for hip extensors (SFDE), and (iv) dynamic stretching for the hip flexors and static stretching for hip extensors (DFSE).
Hip flexor stretch: Using a sturdy chair or wall for support, stand with your left leg in front, knee bent, and your right leg stretched straight behind you.
This report describes a case of a 22-year-old rugby player who complained of pain in the right hip flexor muscle and lower back areas three days after a rugby match in August 2013.
Researchers found that individuals with weakness in their hip flexor muscles rely more on their calf muscles when they walk.
defined hip flexor muscle tightness as the inability to achieve full hip extension when in the modified Thomas test position.
TIP: Keep the leg up without gripping at the hip flexor by engaging your abdominals.
But defender Good limped off in the second half and following scans at the weekend it has now been confirmed he has suffered a hip flexor strain.
DENVER -- Golden State Warriors forward David Lee will miss the rest of the NBA playoffs with a torn right hip flexor, the team said on Sunday.
Intramuscular EMG from the hip flexor muscles during human locomotion.