(hĭng′kəl), Beatrice Moses 1874-1953.
American psychiatrist who cofounded the first psychotherapy clinic in the United States (1908).
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This emphasis is reversed in the early part of this second period (1915-1950) when sociologists tried to present the discipline as an empirical science comprising methods which were "statistically couched, qualified empiricist, and neo-positivist." Hinkle's discussion in these regards is limited to a single chapter since the main thrust of this study is directed at the ontological assumptions of various theories.
These clinicians are searching for solutions to problems associated with this special population (Hinkle, 1989a).
Hinkle at the Central Great Plains Research Station, Akron, Colorado.
So far, only about $100 billion, or 7 percent, of the estimated $1.5 trillion servicing universe in the United States is covered by hedges, according to William "Hal" Hinkle, director of mortgage banking at Goldman Sachs, the firm he says has the "lion's share" of the market.
(Richard Paul Hinkle - who hopes to have his live, radio wine tasting show nationally syndicated by this fall - has a pair of new books out, co-authored with Dan Berger.
Joshua Hinkle's personal philosophy is to be an influence in all that he endeavors.
The director of communications for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, Brandi Hinkle, hates to hear the word "spin." "As ethical communications professionals, our obligation is to tell the truth," she said.
Northern District Judge Robert Hinkle declared the ban unconstitutional, siding with a challenge filed by the Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley law firm The board drafted a rule amendment to comply with Judge Hinkle's finding, but that was rejected by the Florida Supreme Court, which sent it back to the board for reworking.
Judge Robert Hinkle stopped key portions of the measure signed into (https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2016/1411) law by Gov.
Hinkle - Bonnie Jane Hinkle, 80, of Eugene, died Nov.
Bre Hinkle is one of the students to benefit from scholarship funding from the first season of the RLS Concerts in the Gardens, and had an opportunity to work on promotional materials for the concert season as a WVC graphic design student in 2014-15.