hilum of lung

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hi·lum of lung

1. a wedge-shaped depression on the mediastinal surface of each lung, where the bronchus, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics enter or leave the viscus.
2. radiologically, the composite shadow of the main pulmonary arteries, veins, and lymph nodes in the lung root adjacent to the anatomic hilum.
Synonym(s): hilum pulmonis [TA], porta pulmonis
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This operation was the first example of a dissection pneumonectomy, in which the individual structures at the hilum of the lung were dissected out, in contrast to mass ligation of the hilar contents.
PM is defined as a condition caused by the free air released from the alveoli that is torn because of a sudden increase in the alveolus pressure following the increase of the internal pressure in the thoracic cavity due to a certain reason, spreading to the hilum of the lungs and reaching the mediastinum (4).