Hilton, John

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Hilton, John

Brit. surgeon, 1804–1878.

Hilton law

The trunk of a nerve sends branches not only to a particular muscle but also to the joint moved by that muscle and to the skin overlying the insertion of that muscle.

Hilton line

A line at the junction of the anal skin and mucosa, beneath which the intersphincteric groove may be palpable. Because many persons have no visible line in this location, anatomists disagree about the significance of the Hilton line.

Hilton muscle

The aryepiglottic muscle.

Hilton sac

Laryngeal saccule.
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John, English surgeon, 1804-1878.
Hilton law - the nerve supplying a joint also supplies the muscles that move the joint and the skin covering the articular insertion of those muscles.
Hilton method - division of the nerves supplying a part, for the relief of pain in ulcers.
Hilton sac - a small diverticulum provided with mucous glands. Synonym(s): saccule of larynx
Hilton white line - a zone in the mucosa of the anal canal said to be palpable. Synonym(s): white line of anal canal
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