David S., U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, 1873-1942. See: Hillis-Müller maneuver.
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They're Disney Fellows, part of a program started three years ago with the hiring of Hillis, whose astonishing breadth of interests and accomplishments by age 40 would be really annoying if he weren't so damned nice.
TOP sports doc Stewart Hillis last night revealed a clutch of Scottish bosses have been warned to change their lifestyle or run the risk of serious heart problems.
Graveside services for Michael Damon Hillis will be conducted at 2 p.
Hillis will work with various divisions, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Attractions, Filmed Entertainment, Consumer Products and Disney Interactive to identify and create new technology and business opportunities as part of Disney's growing research and development activity.
Hillis himself ignored his father's advice and didn't go on to college - all he ever wanted was to be a farmer like his old man.
Hillis further stated, "I have asked Loren Gasser, Comarco Systems' Vice President, to head our rugged computer marketing effort.
Hillis spoke out after Evander Sno suffered cardiac arrest while playing for Ajax reserves on Monday night.
Since then Hillis, once a major force and colorful celebrity among the nation's computer innovators, has almost disappeared from the industry's cathode screen.
Soderberg replaces Durrell Hillis, senior vice president, who plans to retire at the end of the year marking the end of a 36-year commitment to Motorola.
SFA doctor Stewart Hillis last night offered Scottish clubs the chance to rid the game of drugs.
We have combined our specially-trained staff and they are ready and standing by to take claims and assist customers," said Patricia Hillis, assistant vice president of public relations for SAFECO.