David S., U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, 1873-1942. See: Hillis-Müller maneuver.
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It encourages women to go about life thoroughly and actively, which is a great prod to the conscience on rainy days when it is too tempting not to get out of one's pyjamas - not that Hillis objects to lounging, so long as it is done with commitment and elegance
These are pretty big questions that we don't expect to solve anytime soon,'' said Hillis, a Disney Fellow at Walt Disney's research and development division in Glendale.
com, the online rights exchange, has announced that Danny Hillis will join the Company's Board of Directors effective immediately.
TOP sports doc Stewart Hillis last night revealed a clutch of Scottish bosses have been warned to change their lifestyle or run the risk of serious heart problems.
Poinsett County Judge Doyle Hillis said he will give residents a choice: either pass a 1-cent sales tax or the property tax millage will rise.
Danny Hillis once invented a computer a thousand times faster than anything on the planet.
Hillis spoke out after former Celtic midfielder Evander Sno suffered cardiac arrest while playing for Ajax reserves on Monday night.
Graveside services for Michael Damon Hillis will be conducted at 2 p.
Hillis himself ignored his father's advice and didn't go on to college - all he ever wanted was to be a farmer like his old man.
Hillis further stated, "I have asked Loren Gasser, Comarco Systems' Vice President, to head our rugged computer marketing effort.
SFA doctor Stewart Hillis last night offered Scottish clubs the chance to rid the game of drugs.