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fo·go sel·va·gem

(fō'gō sel'vă-jem),
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, occurring in southern Brazil, in which the lesions are bullous, appear localized to the face and upper trunk, become widespread, variegated, erythrodermic, and exfoliative, and are immunologically indistinguishable from pemphigus foliaceus or vulgaris.
[Pg. wild fire]
Dermatology See Fogo selvagem
Public safety An uncontrolled fire—e.g., forest fire, scrub fire—that occurs in sparsely or unpopulated regions
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The exercise aimed to enhance co-ordination, communication, command and control as well as logistical support capabilities among different departments and organisations during hill fire and mountain rescue operations.
Steve Abel, the interim chief of the Goshen- Pleasant Hill Fire District, told The Register-Guard on Monday that the fire, which displaced seven people, most likely was caused by an electrical failure.
In the event of a hill fire, grave sweepers should remain calm and immediately notify officers on-site.
The 10 frightened teenagers were evacuated from Clydach Mountain, near Tonypandy, on Wednesday afternoon due to an approaching hill fire, suspected of being started deliberately.
Firefighter Pete Walters of Brierley Hill fire station said: "We had to make the area safe and tape off the road.
He will be remembered for his devoted service to his community throughout his 39 years in the Thompson Hill Fire Department, 8 years as their chief.
It will take place at Buckley Hill fire station, on Buckley Hill Road, Netherton, from 10am to 4pm.
Low Hill fire station officer DaveShanahan said: ``They were completely trapped.
Station Officer Ian Rawlings, of Brierley Hill fire station, said that the fire had been caused by a seized motor in a waste disposal machine in the sluice room on Avocet ward.
Additional area fire and emergency medical services, including Pleasant Hill Fire District, were called to the scene to assist.
Notes: The generator may be viewed at Cedar Hill Fire Station #1 at 6766 Cedar Hill Rd.