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 [hi´lum] (pl. hi´la) (L.)
a depression or pit at the part of an organ where vessels and nerves enter.


Incorrect form of hilum.
[an Eng. variant of L. hilum]


/hi·lus/ (hi´lus) pl. hi´li   [L.] hilum.


, pl. hila (hī'lŭm, -lă) [TA]
1. The part of an organ where the nerves and vessels enter and leave.
Synonym(s): porta (1) .
2. A depression or slit resembling the hilum in the olivary nucleus of the brain.

hilus (hī´lus),

n an indentation appearing on an organ or other internal structure, such as a lymph node, at the point where nerves and vessels enter. Also called hilum.


pl. hili [L.] a depression or pit on an organ, giving entrance and exit to vessels and nerves, e.g. the hilus of the kidney, lung, ovary, spleen.
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