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Pertaining to a hilum.
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Pertaining to a hilum.
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(hi'lum) ('la) plural.hila [L. hilum, a little thing, trifle]
1. A depression or recess at the exit or entrance of a duct into a gland or of nerves and vessels into an organ.
2. The root of the lungs at the level of the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebrae. The hilum, on the medial side of each lung, is where the main bronchus, pulmonary arteries, bronchial arteries, and nerves enter the lung and where the pulmonary veins, bronchial veins, and lymphatic vessels leave the lung. Synonym: hilushilar (hi'lar), adjective

glomerular hilum

The vascular pole of the glomerulus of the kidney.
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Pelesasa took to her Facebook page to share Hiles' story and request donations.
Mr Hiles went into The Range for drink and snacks and spoke to a member of staff who told him the manager at another store had timed the traffic lights which were letting six cars in and only four cars out.
Mr Hiles, 62, was at work at the time he received a phone call informing him Jonathan had been punched - a memory which will live with him forever.
Hiles capped a memorable and profitable afternoon with success in the Newbury Placepot.
TEAM Alison Hiles and Philip Bull, who have joined Natural England, will be out and about meeting farmers.
But Hiles decreed otherwise, brandishing the yellow card for McVeigh, deemed guilty of diving.
The first goal came from Hiles intercepting a pass to the Leeds centre-back and finding Katie Barker with a great through ball, Barker slotting home.
Speaking to the Echo, Mr Hiles said he was resigned to the fact that no-one would ever be brought to justice.
Mr Hiles' friends had identified Londoner Andrew Symeou as the man who threw the punch but he was cleared of the killing in a Greek court in 2011 after being extradited.
Andrew Symeou's trial for the manslaughter of 18-year-old roller hockey player Jonathan Hiles was due to begin in Patras, Greece, yesterday.
The man is Cardiff dad Denzil Hiles. Just over a year ago his son Jonny died after being punched from a nightclub podium in Greece.
The study comes following the case of health visitor Tina Hiles who was awarded pounds 64,000 in compensation by the High Court after her workload at South Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust caused a breakdown.