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A female impersonator or gynaemimetic in the Indian subcontinent, who may have had partial surgical sex reassignment. Hijras belong to a traditional social organisation, part cult and part caste; they worship the goddess Bahuchara Mata. Their sexuoerotic role is that of female with men
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(16) In India, such individuals are often referred to as Hijra, but this identity does not match the modern western taxonomy of gender or sexual orientation.
Born a male, she runs campaigns, conducts workshops, and holds interactions with the Hijra (inter-sex) community as well as sensitisation programmes with the police and college students.
The Supreme Court ruled in 2009 hijras could get national identity cards as a "third sex" and last year the government issued its first passport with a transgender category.
Some of the Hijras did marry while others do not and engage in unhealthy sexual encounters.14 Approximately two to three million individuals are eunuchs, gay or transgender, and within them marriage is significantly linked with high self-esteem while others who are unmarried have high self-esteem than married ones.15
They live and work under the command of senior Hijras known as 'Gurus' whom they respect and follow (Nanda, 1990).
Despite this apparently sanctioned place in Indian culture, hijras face severe harassment and discrimination from mainstream people in society (Chatterji 2008).
They served as the only authorities in direct contact with hijras, assigned to teach the badu the basic tenets of Wahhabi doctrine.
Transgender are those who are born males, but believe themselves to be females, also referred as "Hijras" or third gender in South Asia.
Denied the most basic of human rights, this analytical framework aims to provide an overview of the plight of India's hijras and proposes greater access to health and education for India's longest lasting social outcasts in an attempt to help them out-caste the nation's social hierarchy
The concepts in the LGBTI acronym may not always pertain to the diversity of experiences and identities that sexual and gender nonconforming individuals live with or adopt, for example third gender hijras or kothis in South Asia.
The use of a transgender, who cannot get admission in any college and therefore studies through mobile internet and gets educated and lives a dignified like also brings dignity to a segment of people who in the past have been categorized as 'hijras' who are feared with superstition.