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A female impersonator or gynaemimetic in the Indian subcontinent, who may have had partial surgical sex reassignment. Hijras belong to a traditional social organisation, part cult and part caste; they worship the goddess Bahuchara Mata. Their sexuoerotic role is that of female with men
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So, this Hijrah is yet another chance for Muslims to become better people.
He explained that Hijrah was not just a historical event, but continues to be an opportunity for introspection.
Sincere believers throughout the world, though, will reflect on the meaning of the new Hijrah year and will take great comfort from it, for they know that Allah Almighty is in charge of times and seasons and that He cares for His Creation with an infinite care.
The mosque said Al Awlaki, born in the US to Yemeni parents, was known for his "interfaith outreach, civic engage-ment, and tolerance" when he served as imam at Dar Al Hijrah from January 2001 to April 2002.
The rent is paid to Al Hijrah Trust, which owns the building and land, and comes from money the school receives from the council's education budget.
He said a decision over the future of the school was "on hold" until the outcome of the Charity Commission's investigation into Al Hijrah Trust.
Its legality dates back to the second year after Hijrah.
It has also embarked on a project of distributing meal packets among travelers at the Al-Ashira region on the Hijrah Road (45 km from the city), besides brochures on road security.
Al Hijrah School in Bordesley Green was placed in special measures by Ofsted in December 2013, and was previously reported to be PS900,000 in debt.
PLANS for a new PS10million school in Birmingham have been thrown into doubt after the city council withdrew support - because it wants to relocate the troubled Al Hijrah school at the site instead.
The Hijrah was also significant for the unselfish brotherhood demonstrated by the Ansar toward the Muhajirun (immigrants from Makkah).
He was born on 15th of Ramzan-ul-Mubarik, 3 Hijrah and according to some in 2 Hijrah (624 AD) in Medina.