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The Highway Code says: "Do not be distracted by maps or screen-based information (such as navigation or vehicle management systems) while driving or riding.
Transport Minister, Lord Ahmad, said: "The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users - not just those who are learning to drive.
According to the newspaper, as a result of law action, the number of scenes in the national films demonstrating the violation of highway code in Turkey decreased from 80 to 10 per cent.
To sum up, it is dangerous folly to blame motorists in general or cyclists in general for the problems, but makes all the sense in the world to appeal to all road users to remember and follow the Highway Code - for all our sakes.
The Minister also considered that some fines provided for in the Highway Code are excessive and that the withdrawal of the driving license, which is the only source of income for professionals, is a serious problem for them, especially when they have to wait for months to get their licenses.
uk surveyed 3,000 motorists on the Highway Code to see just how important they think it is to being a good driver and how much they remember.
Nicolaides cited three reasons which necessitated the upgrading and reforming of the Highway Code.
Ministers are set to approve a new version of the Highway Code later this year.
A yellow box junction (pictured) in Newport city centre has the word 'stop' written across it - even though the Highway Code says drivers can only enter one if their exit is clear.
I must all put aside a good book on the life and music of James Taylor, another on the history of the Birmingham & Worcester Canal and a third on the Black Death, and devote myself entirely to the excitement of The Highway Code.
But the EU's socio-economic advisory body believes that a standard Highway Code and vehicle register could actually help make Europe's roads safer, according to an Opinion adopted at the EESC's December 15 and 16 plenary session in Brussels.

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