high-pass filter

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high-·pass fil·ter

a device or material that allows high frequency signals to pass while attenuating other signals.
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By multiplying the highpass filter [H.sub.f](jw) and the all pass system [H.sub.p](jw), the expression is given as follows:
Through NSP decomposition, one low-pass subband and one highpass subband could be obtained at each NSCT decomposition stage.
To the best of our knowledge there exists no algorithm so far in the literature either in time or frequency domain that performs lowpass highpass bandpass and bandstop filtering of the input auto and cross correlation sequences through
This filter has a single passband property because of the lowpass characteristic of the DGS and highpass characteristic of the interdigital coupling line.
FIR highpass and lowpass filters with Kaiser, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman and Blackman-Harris windows and IIR highpass and lowpass filters with Butterworth, Chebyshev type I, Chebyshev type II and Elliptical at sampling frequency 360Hz have been designed.
For example, the Thurlby Thandar Model 1600 has a switchable 150-kHz highpass filter in the measurement path.
We alternatively computed the local means using a Baxter-King (1999) highpass filter with a pass band of periods with [less than or equal to] 200 quarters, and using the trend implied by a "local level" model (the sum of independent random walk and white noise with a ratio of disturbance standard deviations of 0.025), and obtained similar results.
Among his topics are how loudspeakers work, crossover types, lowpass and highpass filter characteristics, equalization, subwoofer crossovers, line inputs and outputs, and power supply design.
the use of new programmable highpass and lowpass filters to provide bandpass filtering with greater dynamic range and lower distortion than the previously used filter set,
Conversely, the connected arrays exhibit highpass frequency filtering which is expected with inductive meshes [11] as now the currents are able to propagate through the continuous array of metal.
The cutoff frequency, at which FBP algorithms switch from highpass to Gaussian filtering of the Fourier transformed projections before backprojecting them, had a noticeable impact on the error in boundary length measurement.