second-order conditioning

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sec·ond-or·der con·di·tion·ing

the use of a previously successfully conditioned stimulus as the unconditioned stimulus for further conditioning.
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Although stimulus generalization may seem a likely alternative to higher-order conditioning, it can be dispensed with when considering language-emotive functions.
Furthermore, PB suggests that persons can condition and recondition themselves by providing their own verbal-symbolic stimuli via higher-order conditioning.
1988; Tait & Saladin, 1986), several additional postacquisition tests were employed, including higher-order conditioning, summation testing, and resistance-to-reinforcement.
Because little-to-no keypecking was expected to occur under the backward or higher-order conditioning procedures, pigeons' proximity to the CS was also recorded as a potentially more sensitive index of learning (Wasserman, Franklin, & Hearst, 1974).
Prior to the first higher-order conditioning session, 10 backward conditioning trials, five of each type, were presented.
Keypecking did not emerge under the backward or higher-order conditioning procedures, and there was no evidence for backward conditioning under the summation test (i.
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