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Abbreviation for dry powder inhaler.


A gene on chromosome 6pter-p21 that encodes desmoplakin, an obligate component of functional desmosomes that anchors intermediate filaments to desmosomal plaques. Desmoplakin’s N-terminus is required for localisation to the desmosome and interacts with the N-terminal region of plakophilin 1 and plakoglobin. The C-terminus binds with intermediate filaments.

Molecular pathology
DSP mutations cause several cardiomyopathies, keratodermas and paraneoplastic pemphigus.

dry powder inhaler



An inhaler that administers tiny particles of medication to the airways. Dry powder inhalers are used to treat diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease.


dots per inch, a measure of the density, and therefore the clarity, of print of each character.
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Steve Klein, optometrist at Tierrasanta Vision in San Diego, a user of the Z-View, underscored the usefulness of the simulation feature, "We use the simulation provided by the Z-View with every patient and it's a great way to show them the benefits of the iZon High Resolution Lens.
of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, is a medical technology company that specializes in high resolution ultrasound imaging.
Designed to provide flexibility for content providers and immediate audio improvement with existing home theater equipment, the solution entails a series of new logos that communicate the varying quality levels to consumers: DTS-HD Master Audio, for sound bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, for audio that is nearly identical to the master soundtrack, and DTS Encore, which delivers 5.
The contract calls for the participation in the design and engineering of a high resolution hard x-ray nanoprobe instrument (NPI) for 30nm high-resolution elemental and structural analysis using scanning probe and full-field transmission x-ray microscopy.
This new multi-media system delivers the same high resolution DVD Audio sound quality and impact found in many high-end home theater systems.
OTCBB: LPTI), a medical technology specialist in high resolution ultrasound imaging, announced that it will file a Form 12b-25 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to extend its deadline for filing Form 10-KSB for year ended December 31, 2005.
At Pittcon 2006, Bruker Daltonics today announces the new and unique AccuScreen(TM) method for high resolution, accurate mass extracted ion chromatograms on its micrOTOF(TM) ESI-TOF and micrOTOF-Q(TM) ESI-Q-q-TOF mass spectrometers.

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