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About 53% of sheep flocks are concentrated in the high Plateau of central Mexico.
This research work has been made in the context of the project Strategies for establishing Designation of Origin of bee products in Colombia, funded by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development of Colombia, which involved the beekeepers' associations of the Cundi-boyacense high plateau, In total, 196 bee-pollen samples (Apis mellifera) were collected, These samples were dried and impurities were removed as beekeepers usually do (2-hour drying using forced-air ovens, with initial air temperature below 43[degrees]C, followed by sieving and a density-gradient process for removing impurities), The samples were collected during 2008 and 2011,
It has produced a stunning image using 16 of its dishshaped antennae at the telescope on a high plateau in Chile's Atacama desert.
It's a walker's paradise, and for adrenaline junkies there's everything from paragliding off the high plateau to the valleys below, to mountain biking on steep trails.
We came to a high plateau, tied up the horses and set out on foot, glassing meadows, creek bottoms and ridge lines, hearing more stags roaring in the distance.
The Himalayas lie to the north of the Indian subcontinent and to the south of the central Asian high plateau.
And a one-mile high plateau in Venezuela was the shooting location for the "bouncing pebble toad".
Three Marine regiments were strung out along 80 miles of a narrow mountain road, climbing to the high plateau of the Chosin Reservoir.
Orion could be a mountain-studded high plateau, Sirius the tallest, silver-topped peak of all, and Aldebaran and the Hyades a bold promontory thrust forward from the continent.
This high plateau in the Andes mountain chain is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth.
We do know that poorly chosen ventilatory patterns--those involving high tidal volumes, high plateau pressures and low levels of PEEP--exacerbate injury.

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