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Miyazaki's long history (dominated) by conservatives will change,'' said Higashi, 49, who received no backing from any political party, a fact that apparently helped him attract nonaffiliated voters and overwhelm four other candidates, including a former ministry official supported by the ruling coalition.
7,018,719; Takahisa Ueyama, Tadayoshi Itoh and Takeo Higashi, assignors to Kureha Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.
He did the same at LMU until Jonathan Higashi graduated last year and moved on to the Texas Rangers' organization.
The Japanese film ''The Crying Wind'' (''Fuon'') directed by Yoichi Higashi, won the Innovation Award for its ''poetic quality'' Monday at the 28th Montreal World Film Festival, organizers said.
Takahiro Higashi said at the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine.
President Takahiko Higashi told a news conference that the firm's countermeasure of alerting Windows users to the necessity of installing vaccine only via its Web site and with the aid of Internet service providers ''has been inadequate.
March 2002 will mark the event's fourth year, and Higashi says he has heard from people throughout the country who want to adapt the program for their own cities.
Yukhito Higashi said at the annual conference of the American Heart Association's Council for High Blood Pressure Research.
Second round leaders: 131 S Katayama, 135 A Coltart (Sco), D Clarke (NI), 136 E Fryatt (Eng), H Kase, S Higashi, K Takami, 137 T Taniguchi, S Yokota, H Fujita, H Sasaki, B May (USA), 139 B Davis (Eng).
Gulfstream has been the property of Gulfstream Holdings, a subsidiary of Orient Corporation and Higashi Nihon House Co of Japan, for eight years.
A school day at Higashi is not like any other for autistic children like Adam.
Japan is the birthplace of an increasingly popular system for training autistic children, the Higashi method.