Hibbs, Russell A.

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Russell A., U.S. surgeon, 1869-1932.
Hibbs approach
Hibbs arthrodesis
Hibbs biting forceps
Hibbs blade
Hibbs bone chisel
Hibbs bone gouge
Hibbs chisel elevator
Hibbs costal elevator
Hibbs foot procedure
Hibbs fracture appliance
Hibbs fracture frame
Hibbs hammer
Hibbs hip arthrodesis
Hibbs laminectomy retractor
Hibbs mallet
Hibbs onlay graft fusion of the lumbar spine
Hibbs operation - a type of spinal fusion.
Hibbs osteotome
Hibbs periosteal elevator
Hibbs retractor
Hibbs retractor blade
Hibbs self-retracting retractor
Hibbs spinal fusion
Hibbs sponge
Hibbs technique
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