Hib vaccine

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Hae·moph·i·lus in·flu·en·zae type B vac·cine

a conjugate of oligosaccharides of the capsular antigen of H. influenzae type B and diphtheria CRM protein.
Synonym(s): Hib vaccine
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Hib vaccine

A conjugate vaccine administered to immunize children against infection by a rod-shaped, gram-negative bacterium, Haemophilus influenzae type b, which can cause bacterial meningitis and pneumonia.
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HIB vaccine

A vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae , type B. This vaccine was introduced in October, 1992 following which there was a rapid reduction in the number of reported cases of this infection especially in children under 5.
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Since Hib vaccine implementation, concerns have arisen about serotype replacement and emergence of virulent non-b H.
In 2000, Hib vaccine was only in widespread use in the WHO Region of the Americas and European Region.
Hib vaccine is both safe and immunologically effective in COPD at the dosage tested by producing 4-fold increases in anti-PrP antibody titres in comparison with baseline titres.
Our findings in this study (and additional simulations) suggest that, for the development of a bivalent combined glycoconjugate vaccine, the utilization of a different carrier protein from the one previously used for Hib vaccine can help develop effective vaccine-induced protections against both Hib and Hia infections.
The guidance for high-risk groups includes the recommendation to provide one dose of Hib vaccine to asplenic children aged 60 months and older and adults who are unimmunized; and for HIV-infected children aged 60 months and older, who are unimmunized, she said.
Black et al (14) have estimated 31,607 deaths attributable to meningitis in India after taking into account cases currently prevented by the Hib vaccination (Hib vaccine is available and used in India).
WHO has recommended inclusion of Hib vaccine in immunisation programmes universally, irrespective of an individual country's disease burden, notwithstanding the natural immunity attained within the country against the disease, and not taking into account the rights of sovereign states to decide how they use their limited resources.
An increase in price negatively affected the time it took a country to adopt Hib vaccine, which substantiated the findings of previous studies.
The Hib vaccine (Vaxem-Hib[R], Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Basel, Switzerland) contained 10 | g PRP oligosaccharide conjugated to [CRM.sub.197] per 0.5 mL dose.
The 2008 data showed a small but statistically significant decrease in national coverage with the Hib vaccine, down from 92.6 percent in 2007 to 90.9 percent in 2008.
He informed that EPI has introduced the new Hib vaccine in 2008 in its childhood immunization schedule under co-financing agreement with GAVI.