Hey, William


William, English surgeon, 1736-1819.
Hey amputation - amputation of the foot in front of the tarsometatarsal joint.
Hey hernia - Synonym(s): Cooper hernia
Hey internal derangement - dislocation of the semilunar cartilages of the knee joint.
Hey ligament - the upper part of the falciform margin of the opening in the fascia lata through which the greater saphenous vein passes. Synonym(s): superior horn of falciform margin of saphenous opening
Hey skull saw
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| ALL SET: Slaithwaite Under 15s are pictured (back, from left) Kyle Hey, William Mitchell, Alex Woodworth, Josh Newman, Thomas England, Edward Garside.
On the way home a local worthy was propped up on the street corner and he shouted out, 'Hey, Williams. Have you got the price of a pint?' I scrambled in my pocket for the little change I had left and handed it over.