Johann O.L., German pediatrician, 1843-1926. See: artery of Heubner, Heubner arteritis.
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They included Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany, Christoph Heubner, Vice-President of the IAC, representatives of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site and the International Youth Meeting Centre in O?
Inzwischen haben die unterschiedlichen Disziplinen eine Fulle anerkannter Methoden entwickelt, erprobt und teilweise etabliert (Herschbach und HeuBner 2008).
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3, songs by the composers Otto Klauwell and Konrad Heubner, and a fascinating cycle of character pieces by Brahms's biographer Walter Niemann.
Christoph Heubner, executive vice president of the International Auschwitz Committee, welcomed the start of Hanning's trial.
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Na esteira dos bons comentarios as obras ou livros de Tacito como os que possuimos da autoria de Chilver, Damon, Goodyear, Heubner, Martin-Woodman, Miller, Ogilvie-Richmond, Woodcock, sem esquecer o mais recente, tanto quanto e do nosso conhecimento, de Woodman ao Agricola (2014), e aquele a que todos os comentadores e estudiosos sempre voltam, pelo seu caracter fundador e ainda hoje imprescindivel, o que H.
Heubner Gold Medal from The American College in 2003, and induction into the GAMA International Management Hall of Fame in 1983.
With more dogs racking up air miles these days, it makes sense to take obedience school to a new level, said Heidi Heubner, who directs volunteers, including airport therapy dogs, at Los Angeles World Airport.
These results show, as seen in other studies, that school constitutes a protective factor in risk behaviours, It is important to point out the existence of a positive impact of the well-being concerning school, a result seen in another study developed by Suldo and Heubner, in 2006 that refers that adolescents with higher levels of satisfaction towards life keep more positive relationships with peers and with their parents.
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