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1. mutual exchange.
sexual intercourse
1. coitus.
2. any physical contact between two individuals involving stimulation of the genital organs of at least one.
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sex·u·al in·ter·course

coitophobia, cypridophobia.
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sexual intercourse

1. Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina.
2. Sexual activity that includes insertion of the penis into the anus or mouth.
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The act in which the external male reproductive organ—penis—enters the external/accessible female reproductive tract—vagina
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Sexual union.
Synonym(s): coition, copulation (1) , pareunia, sexual intercourse.
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sexual intercourse

1. The totality of the physical and mental interplay between humans in which the explicit or implicit goal is bodily union and, ideally, the expression of love and affection.
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Patient discussion about sexual intercourse

Q. what tests do i need to do to check that i don't have HIV? and how long does it take to get an answer? i had unprotected sex with this girl i met , and i am really afraid , things just happened really quickly and we had sex and i did not use condom , what should i do ?

A. If you think that you have HIV or you just want to be sure, you should go to your nearest clinic and get tested. They will know what tests you would need to take. Some clinics even do this kind of testing for free. Here is a website on different testings a nd prices: You should always use precaution when having intercourse. You can never be to safe. Hope this helps.

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While attitudes toward sexual orientation are addressed in Part V, at this point it is important to note that the rabbis look with favor on heterosexual intercourse within marriage.
These terms separate heterosexual intercourse from emotions, intimacy, and cognition, and they correlate with the pervasive idea that many African American males of the hip-hop generation have embraced nihilism over emotions (De Genova 89-90).
"Heterosexual intercourse: in heterosexual intercourse, and that means 95% of intercourse, the moral evil of using a condom is greater both intrinsically and extrinsically.
Justice Blair writes "There is much more to marriage as a societal institution, in my view, than an act of heterosexual intercourse leading to the birth of children ...
Research by DiClemente, et al., (1990) found that about 50% of college students studied who engaged in heterosexual intercourse had never used condoms and about two thirds used condoms less than 50% of the time.
These two books are primarily concerned with visual representations of heterosexual intercourse in the Renaissance, painful and traumatic on the one hand, pleasurable and invigorating on the other.
Many people equate sex with heterosexual intercourse. So widespread is the idea that oral sex, for instance, "doesn't count" as sex that teenagers who engage in it exclusively identify themselves as virgins.(1) Indeed, in the "Sex in America" national survey of a few years ago, in which over three thousand Americans were queried about their sexual practices, 95 percent said that they had had vaginal intercourse the last time they had had sex.
The high incidence of HIV infection and AIDS in Africa, including South Africa, is due to its spread through heterosexual intercourse. With some 17 percent of women--and no fewer men--between the ages of 20 and 35 being HIV positive in South Africa, the rapid spread of infection up to saturation point is inevitable, unless there is a sharp shift in sexual behavior.
"I think the poet depicts homosexual practices as the revolting invention of predatory brutes in order to maintain a reassuring boundary between licit and illicit and to remove from the courtly ideal of erotic artifice any taint of the stigma of effeminacy that usually was associated with heterosexual intercourse indulged in with no intention of procreation, but only for mutual delight" (8).
Moreover, it makes no sense for gays to downplay what makes them unique -- their sexuality -- because "for the past one hundred years the dominant culture has been steadily `assimilating' into gay culture." Heterosexual intercourse has become divorced from procreation, the nature of marriage and power dynamics within the nuclear family have changed and gender roles have been transformed.
In Latin America, HIV infections among women and teenagers, who contract the disease primarily through heterosexual intercourse, have been increasing sharply.
Level of concern regarding STDs was high - 87% of sexually active adolescents (and 86% of those who had never engaged in sexual intercourse) reported that they were "very" to "extremely" concerned that they could contract an STD from heterosexual intercourse.