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Again: Heterophobia in Tough Guys Don't Dance," as Tim
Rooted in ethnocentrism and fired by greed, this heterophobia significantly increased the likelihood and degree of abuse and led to tools of oppression such as the Barbados slave code and Louisiana's Code Noir (see Robert S.
Rope Press, Jubilee Centre Pershore Street: Greetings from Heterophobia, 10.
He's recklessly called rival directors a "little guttersnipe" and a "slag of a dyke," griped in press interviews about "disgusting old opera queens and their rampant heterophobia," condemned operatic megastars as "inflexible monsters" and "Jurassic Park singers," boldly censured the married couple Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu as "the Bonnie and Clyde of opera," and dubbed David Frost "the bubonic plagiarist.
Because of the intentional heterogeneity of group members, sessions involve discussions from diverse perspectives on multiple topics that members initiate, ranging from sexuality, sexual orientation, LGB relationships and dating, celibacy, monogamy, nonmonogamy, masturbation, pornography, sexual orientation etiology, homophobia, heterophobia, God, religion, spirituality, family dynamics, discrimination, gender identity, shame, anger, depression, coming out, intimacy, marriage, to parenting.
The security discourse conceals the fact that ethnic/religious/identity claims of migrants and their reluctance to integrate actually result from existing structural problems of poverty, unemployment, discrimination, xenophobia, heterophobia, nationalism and racism: they are not the reason for such problems.
Jarman's characterization of Mortimer, Queen Isabella, and their illicit relationship carries the expressive burden of Edward lies heterophobia.
To clarify the apparent contradiction between art's elective affinity with both freedom and unfreedom (not without echoing Freud's impulses of Eros and Thanatos), art is arguably a bulwark against heterophobia and liberticidal policies, as Paz suggested, even when many artists are quite differently inclined in their individual political views.
I may be about to cite the first case of heterophobia.
Indeed, in venues of what I call the "gay demimonde"--bars, resorts, clubs, Atlantis Events vacations--virulent, hate-driven heterophobia runs rampant.
Finally they examine gender role conflicts and include gender role conflict diagnostic schema, the ambivalence produced by divorce, gay male heterophobia, and men with eating disorders.
It's their own heterophobia and sexism that gets in the way.