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17) In what follows, we show that for a wide class of distributions F the optimal tournament prize structure with weakly heterogeneous agents is that of a loser-prize tournament.
Then the optimal tournament contract for weakly heterogeneous agents, in the linear approximation, is a loser-prize tournament.
An interesting issue that arises in tournaments of heterogeneous agents is that of worker exclusion.
s], (22) for weakly heterogeneous agents (part (b)).
In the case of heterogeneous agents, the direction of the second-order effect is not as obvious, but its analysis goes beyond the scope of this paper.
1) Under the existence of an organized second hand market for the assets (vessels), convergence of the expectations of heterogeneous agents and the existence of traded contracts (spanning assets), heterogeneity has found to have no direct impact on the specification of the model.
We assume n heterogeneous agents, who consider exiting the market.
This is a rather simplistic approach, which however provides us with a good motivation for considering a Poisson process with structural changes, as a result of the interaction of heterogeneous agents.
On the Optimality of the Friedman Rule with Heterogeneous Agents and Non-Linear Income Taxation.
This paper adds to this literature by characterizing the set of optimal monetary policies that is favored by heterogeneous agent types in a standard monetary economy.

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