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The growth of one crystal in one or more specific orientations on the substrate of another kind of crystal, with a close geometric fit between the networks in contact; seen in the alternating layers of different composition in stones from the kidney and gallbladder, indicating an abrupt change of composition during formation.
[epi- + G. taxis, arrangement]
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With this foundation, the book provides in-depth descriptions of mismatched heteroepitaxy and strain relaxation, various characterization tools used to monitor and evaluate the growth process, and defect engineering approaches.
Research has led to improved understanding of concerns covering such diverse topics as dislocation theory and critical layer thicknesses for mismatched heteroepitaxy, growth kinetics, band structure and heterojunction offsets, many-body effects, defect theory, ion-range predictions and nonlinear optics.
At the Heteroepitaxy on Silicon Symposium in the same year, the authors discussed "A HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs/Si Epitaxial Structure." Obviously the plot thickens and the titles get longer.
In our previous studies, the growth of boron and sulfur codoped diamond films on p-type (100) silicon substrates (heteroepitaxy) and HTHP diamond substrates (homoepitaxy) by microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) is demonstrated.