Franz K., German anatomist and surgeon, 1759-1816. See: Hesselbach fascia, Hesselbach hernia, Hesselbach ligament, Hesselbach triangle.
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Contract notice: Modernization frankenwaldgruppe, Lot 4 - hesselbach / birnbaum transmission line.
Hesselbach, "Virtual network embedding: a survey," IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol.
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We assumed that changing the position of the connector of a bilayer patch device (PHS[R]) and placing it medially in Hesselbach triangle would contribute to lower incidence of chronic pain and would not result in intestinal damage, with good clinical outcome following indirect inguinal hernioplasty.
Teaming up with New York-based Graphic Designer and music connoisseur Jen Hesselbach, Nu Echo Media's logo showcases the simplistic idea of fan-content, with a modern feel.
Existe una nueva propuesta denominada New Paths Algebra Virtual Network Embedding (NPA-VNE), este es un algoritmo desarrollado por Xavier Hesselbach, Jose Roberto Amazonas, Santi Villanueva y Juan Felipe Botero que esta en proceso de publicacion.
Sydney will report to Michael Hesselbach, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of RDS.
The Hesselbach family, Interpane's current owner, will keep the remaining shares (also a controlling stake) through its holding company Helgejos Glass Holding AG.
Recently hired Edison Hesselbach, the company's first finance professional, has recommended borrowing the required funds.
Estimated mass of wild prey was based on the weights of specimens in the reference mammal collection and published literature (Leopold, 1959; Hall, 1981; Ceballos and Miranda, 2000; Hesselbach and Perez, 2001; Villa and Cervantes, 2003).