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something that enlarges or prolongs; called also expander.
artificial plasma extender (plasma volume extender) a substance that can be transfused to maintain fluid volume of the blood in event of great necessity, supplemental to the use of whole blood and plasma. Called also plasma volume expander.
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A carbohydrate starch derivative used as a cryoprotective agent for erythrocytes; also used as an extender of blood plasma volume.
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In 1972, the first HES solution (Hespan, 6% HES 600/0.7) was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
A Hespan bolus was administered without any improvement.<br />Though alerted to the problems, the defendant surgeon did not come to examine the patient until more than three hours after surgery and the continued hypotension.
After the sample was taken, it was volume- and RBC-reduced after 30 minute incubation with 6% Hespan (Bethlehem, USA) following established CBB procedures using the SEPAX S-100 automated processing system (Biosafe, Geneva, Switzerland) if the unit contained >30 ml of UCB or manually if the unit was <30 ml.
It can used with conventional mercury lamps, which have a greater Hespan than iron doped lamps.
Hypotensive resuscitation with Hextend, Hespan or PolyHeme in a swine hemorrhage model.
Volume replacement can be accomplished with concurrent administration of crystalloid or other volume expanders, such as hetastarch (Hespan) or albumin.
Those casualties in shock received 1000 cc of Hespan, the colloid available to us.