Karl, German dermatologist, 1861-1944. See: Herxheimer reaction, Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction.
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Some 'holistic literature' words it, "When yeast cells are rapidly killed by the immune system, drug treatment, or dietary intervention, a 'die-off or Herxheimer reaction occurs.
The heritage event on Sunday includes the following: | Artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer talks about collecting memories and stories; | Nadia Valman, from the University of London, explains how digital technology can help people discover their heritage; | Vivi Lachs shows how Jewish immigrant life can be told through Yiddish poetry; | Museum staff members Poppy Learman and Liz Stewart will talk in-depth about the Galkoff's project and education officer Daniel Edmonds discusses the House of Memories, which is linked to dementia awareness; | Daniel Edmonds reveals his research into Kosher discoveries in Liverpool history, while another highlight is a screening of the film, Chicken Soup and Scouse, in the company of its maker, Michael Swerdlow.
Sarcoid-like reaction as a tumor-related response was first described in 1917 by Herxheimer, in five patients [8].
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"We get vitamin infusions twice a week and also have received other infusions to aid in the detoxing and to help us when we have had bad Herxheimer reactions [where symptoms worsen as bacteria die]."
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Sophie Herxheimer is a poet and artist: http://sophieherxheimer.com/.
Nevertheless, given that 3 to four years back, we have actually been obtaining useful info regarding Herxheimer or Die-Off signs and symptoms from numerous prominent physicians and researchers around the world that use PYROENERGEN II.