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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1859-1920. See: Hermann fixative.
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Lewis has seen sheet rock and roofing supply costs increase after disasters far away from Joplin, and Herrman Lumber has looked to alter its buying strategies accordingly.
Stearns-Herrman Lisa A & Herrman Matthew, 1131 S 40th Ct; addition- storage room / walk-in closet; $30,000.
[10.] Robinson J, Rodrigues M, Fisher S, Herrman H.
Herrman links the role of biological and neurological brain development with the risks of substance abuse and addiction, and provides focused interventions that nurses and other health care providers can implement to prevent or reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.
A few months later, Taft told the paper, the family was shocked to discover that their daughter's image was on the front cover of a Nazi propaganda magazine called "Sun in the House", which was edited by Kurt Herrman, a friend of Hermann Goering and a staunch Nazi.
(Hellfried) 1.41 I staggered back thrilled with chilly horror [on hearing his mother's name uttered by the Necromancer] (Hellfried) 1.51 when I suddenly recollected the mysterious words of our landlord, I cannot but confess that I was seized with horror (Herrman) 1.65 The landlord ...
Learners are a heterogenous mixture of individuals covering a wide age group with diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs (Herrman, 2008).
I couldn't possibly express this column's mission and librarians' work with teens more clearly than Herrman has.
While the transition from concrete thinking to formal logical operations usually occurs between ages 11 and 14, each adolescent progresses at varying rates in developing the ability to think in more complex ways (Herrman, 2005).
director Gisela Cardenas teams with the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble to examine Richard III from its female characters' perspective; Quincy Long's disturbing doo-wop serial killer play, The Huntsmen; Thomas Ward's International Falls, about a late-night rap session that takes a wrong turn; Bruce Hostetler's docu-theatre piece Feral--Homelessness in Portland; Sean Andries and Dakota Belle Witt's mermaid tale, Fish Girl; Rich Rubin's fresh look at an infamous playwright/actress marriage, Marilyn/MISFITS/Miller (look it up, kids); Benedict Herrman, Emmanuel Williams and Rian Turner's examination of the sexes, Men b Women in the Dark; and solo pieces like Sue Ellen Liss's Finding the Lost Spark and the Jenny Newbrv Waters--Cassie Greer collaboration Cinnamon & Cigarettes.