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1. A tight closure.
2. To effect a tight closure.


Heart surgery A clinical trial–Simple & Effective Arterial Closure Study which evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Duett vascular sealing device


Public health Any air- and/or water-tight closure on a product–blood components, medications intended to maintain a product sterilely until used by a consumer; products with broken seals should be discarded

staining, fluorescein 

The artificial coloration of tissue by fluorescein. Under ultraviolet illumination, it stains dead or degenerated corneal epithelial cells due to abrasions, old age or following inadequate contact lens fit, a yellowish-green colour. It also stains the tears, thus facilitating the evaluation of tear drainage or the blood flow through the retina and choroid when injected intravenously. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear may present in various shapes, locations, depths or severity. A very common form is punctate staining as appears in punctate epithelial keratitis. There may be arcuate stains located in different parts of the cornea, some inferiorly (called inferior epithelial arcuate lesions) or superiorly (called superior epithelial arcuate lesions, acronym: SEAL, or epithelial splitting), which usually do not give rise to symptoms and appear mainly with soft or silicone hydrogel lenses. A very severe form of staining is called epithelial plug. It is typically round in shape and represents a loss of the full thickness of the epithelium. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear typically disappears after cessation of contact lens wear. See fluorescein angiography; dye dilution test; fluorescein test.


1. Tight closure.
2. To effect a tight closure.

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A. honey has an antimicrobial activity due to it's acidity, osmotic power and hydrogen peroxide. about MRSA - there is a New Zealandic research about a type of honey that is effective against infections of MRSA. but it's only one research and another investigation is required.

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The Project 7000 stainless type 304L, along with new tooling, has enabled Hermetic Seal to increase its productivity to 923 parts per hour, cutting cycle time to just 3.9 sec.
The true cost of hermetic seals must include the cost of dealing with in-process failures in addition to the initial cost.
Infrared welders (9 standard models) provide high-strength, hermetic seals without required coatings or part contact.
Flexis [TM] Steam provides a hermetic seal that initially protects the contents of the product and becomes self-venting during the cooking process to maximise consumer efficiency.
Once installed, permanent models require one side to remain connected in order to maintain a hermetic seal. Connection and disconnection can be made without impairment to seal integrity.
The HC2440 provides a hermetic seal, eliminating liability issues associated with metal clips in foodservice or consumer kitchens.
Compak noncontact induction cap sealer system establishes a magnetic field that heats foil in a cap liner and creates a hermetic seal. System has "instant on" capability and automatic frequency control, which provide constant flux density.
"It allows you to achieve a very strong bond with a hermetic seal," he adds.
A vacuum-assisted plate provides a hermetic seal between the printing plate and cup so no solvent can evaporate.
Compak induction cap sealer, a non-contact system, establishes a magnetic field that heats the foil in the cap liner and creates a hermetic seal. Systems have "instant on" capability and automatic frequency control, which provides constant flux density, unaffected by the number of caps under the sealing head.
It comes with very low seal and hot tack initiation temperatures with broad hermetic seal range making it well suited for applications such as snack, biscuit and candy packaging.
To prevent oxygen ingress and the risk of oxidation, the machines utilise either OXYSTOP--a water lock--or an axial hermetic seal. In the latter case, a mechanical seal on top of the outlet paring disc prevents C[O.sup.2] in the product escaping while, at the same time barring oxygen ingress.