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Hermann, Swiss psychiatrist, 1884-1922.
Behn-Rorschach test - see under Behn-Eschenburg
Rorschach test - a projective psychological test. Synonym(s): inkblot test
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As the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach argued, if you stare at anything long enough, it will look more like what you're obsessed with than what it actually is.
Some were quite direct, such as ziindeln (Kindling), 20 13, a swastika made out of matches; others, such as portraits of James Joyce, Rudolf Steiner, Ezra Pound, and Hermann Rorschach (all based on images from around 1913), more generally evoke the literary and psychosocial climate of the time.
Since the publication of Psychodiagnostics by Hermann Rorschach, many researchers from different countries have conducted studies using the test, with a view to broadening and systematizing the technique.