Boerhaave, Hermann

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Hermann, Dutch physician, 1668-1738.
Boerhaave glands - Synonym(s): sweat glands
Boerhaave syndrome - spontaneous rupture of the lower esophagus, a variant of Mallory-Weiss syndrome.
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Examination of the ideas of Hermann Boerhaave, whose influence on eighteenth-century European and American medicine is generally acknowledged, in order to understand how his science fit with his religious convictions is therefore very timely.
On the medical faculty, which covered medicine, botany, and chemical research, Hermann Boerhaave of the University of Leiden long remained the model in medicine.
In trying to explain how masturbation caused organic disease, Tissot and his followers drew eclectically on the Galenic humoral tradition, revived in the eighteenth century by Hermann Boerhaave, and the new theories of nervous force developed by Hailer without showing awareness of their incompatibility.