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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1859-1920. See: Hermann fixative.
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While Hermann was a national celebrity after he won aerial battles in World War I and commanded the Gestapo in 1933, Albert fled to Austria to escape the regime.
"Hermann Avenue is a major thoroughfare with its immediate proximity to Carteret High School, and is subjected to considerable wear and tear throughout the year.
In Act I, just before Scene 4, when Hermann, Landgrave of Thuringia, returns from a hunt and meets Tannhauser, his wayward knight, the result is a bit of horn-heaven: twelve hunting horns pitched in F, [E.sup.b], and C, signal Hermann's arrival with majestic hunting calls.
Shortly after, an additional machinegun opened fire on Zimmerman and Hermann's position.
"HIMSS Analytics congratulates Memorial Hermann for leading the way toward health IT adoption," said John Hoyt, FACHE, FHIMSS, Executive Vice President, Organizational Services, for HIMSS.
An independent scholar specializing in pre-Socratic philosophy, Hermann is fully prepared to produce three entire books about the lesser-known dialogue by Plato.
As Executive Vice President for Business Development, Hermann will report directly to the President and CEO and will become a member of the Group Executive Management, responsible for M&A and business planning.
"I was pulling off the centre-halves to get the better of them and every time I did Hermann blocked me off as a full-back.
The spinning company, Hermann Buhler AG, in Switzerland has acquired the Rieter license for ComforJet(r) yarns.
Saturation enhancement in colored Hermann grids varying only in chroma.
Hermann Ultrasonics, a company of the Hermann Group, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in North America.