Gillis, 20th-century Swedish pediatrician. See: Herlitz syndrome.
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Claes Herlitz, head of Connected Vehicles at Ericsson, commented: We are offering an attractive proposition for automotive OEMs through the combination of Ericssons Connected Vehicle Clouds ability to securely manage a large number of connected vehicles with an in-vehicle expert like Argus and its capabilities for vehicle protection and threat detection.
o, as director of Administration and Control, and Herlitz sp.
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In the literature there are some studies suggesting that there is no significant relationship between the variables of age and self-efficacy (Uysal, Kosemen, 2013; Brink, Alsen, Herlitz, Kjellgren, Cliffordson, 2012).
He will share the Lifetime Achievement Award with Esther Herlitz, 93, the founder of Israel's umbrella organization for voluntary services.