Gillis, 20th-century Swedish pediatrician. See: Herlitz syndrome.
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CHICAGO -- Topical gentamicin resulted in healing of lesions in three infants with Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa (H-JEB), Andrew Kwong reported at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.
Claes Herlitz, Head of Global Automotive Services at Ericsson, says: "Right now, the car of the future is just on a practice lap.
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She helped certain individual women--Zina Harman joined the Knesset because of Golda, and Esther Herlitz became an ambassador because of her.
Junctional EB is further divided into three subgroups: Herlitz, non-Herlitz, and JEB with pyloric atresia (JEB-PA) also known as Carmi syndrome.
z o.o, as director of Administration and Control, and Herlitz sp.
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