Heritage Pork

Pork that comes from rarer breeds of pig that have been raised in humane and environmentally friendly conditions for a number of generations
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And like Meszaros, Mousseau was looking to get involved in the heritage pork industry on a smaller scale.
Best of all, this unique culinary compendium includes 32 recipes, two from each of the 16 challenges featured, using locally-sourced ingredients from shiitake mushrooms to pasture-raised heritage pork.
When it comes to supermarket implications, deCoriolis sees similarities between poultry and heritage pork.
Edwards says he "switched to heritage pork solely for flavor.
My girlfriend shot one such bear a few years back, and it was the best-tasting bear I've ever eaten, like prime beef with a huge cap of sweet-tasting white fat not unlike the best (and most expensive) heritage pork
Whisperer; Patricia Foreman, author of several books on raising chickens; and Gra Moore, who raises heritage pork for chefs.
For the main event, about an hour and a half into the experience, I selected the maiale, a slow-roasted heritage pork rib marinated with fennel pollen and lemon zest topped with Seckel pear halves ($25).
During the three-day event, much of the discussion centered on the story of the turkeys, although the marketing techniques and successes of heritage pork producers Jennifer Small and Mike Yezzi, and heritage beef producer Karen Thornton were chronicled, too.
According to Raichlen, people may be grilling meats less often because of health or diet concerns, but when they do, they are opting for high-end proteins like heritage pork, grass-fed beef or organic chicken.
The breed was imported to countries around the world, but as with most heritage pork breeds, it fell out of favor in the 1960s as the pork industry shifted to more confinement and industrial operations.
This meat isn't just heritage pork, it's great heritage pork
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