Herbal Tea

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An infusion made from various plants, which may benefit or ameliorate various conditions; some herbal teas are toxic, and may affect the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, or central nervous system


1. An infusion of a medicinal plant.
2. The leaves of the plant Thea chinensis or Camellia sinensis, from which a beverage is made by steeping the leaves in boiling hot water.


A number of pharmacologically active ingredients including caffeine, theophylline, various antioxidants including polyphenolic compounds, and sufficient fluoride to help prevent tooth decay are present in tea. The caloric content is negligible unless sugar, honey, and/or milk is added prior to consumption. See: caffeine; withdrawal, caffeine


Tea intake should be limited in those patients with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones.

black tea

Tea made from leaves that have been fermented before they are dried.

green tea

Tea made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have been steamed to prevent fermentation and then rolled and dried. The ingredients of green tea said to influence health are antioxidants called catechins. Green tea is often promoted for the putative prevention of certain types of cancer. Although studies have demonstrated antitumor effects of tea in laboratory animals, studies of the impact of green tea consumption on breast and prostate cancer in humans failed to show any impact.

herb tea

, herbal tea
Tea made of a variety of plants, including leaves of certain flowers, herbs, barks, and grasses. Some herbs used in these teas have been demonstrated to have pharmacological properties.

tea kombucha

See: kombucha tea.

Paraguay copper tea

Tea, also known as yerba maté, made from the leaves and stems of Ilex paraguayensis. It is a stimulating drink and contains volatile oil, tannin, and caffeine.

herb tea

, herbal tea
Tea made of a variety of plants, including leaves of certain flowers, herbs, barks, and grasses. Some herbs used in these teas have been demonstrated to have pharmacological properties.
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The herbal tea market is segmented on the basis of raw material, flavor, packaging, product, and region.
In their brewed form, Herbal Teas for Skin are known for their medicinal benefits to our skin.
caudatus herbal tea samples extract that dissolved in 50 ml distilled water were passes through the SPE cartridges in order to retain phenolic and flavonoid compounds as well as to separate them from other matrix components, especially sugars and peptides.
The team at Bell Lifestyle Products is at the forefront of this herbal medicine marketplace and their latest selection of herbal teas sets the highest of industry standards.
Apart from that, for people in general, many herbal teas are beneficial and they do not create an addictive pattern as does happen with coffee and tea.
Popular Herbal Teas HERBAL TEA HEALTH BENEFIT SIDE STANDARD SAFE UPPER EFFECTS LIMIT Chamomile Anti-inflammatory, Drowsiness, 1-4 cups Few antispasmodic, vomiting daily toxicity antimicrobial, mild with large studies sedative; use for doses, blood available anxiety, menstrual thinning cramps (stop using two weeks prior to surgery} Hibiscus Use for hypertension, None known 3cups Few hypercholesterolemia, dally is toxicity loss of appetite, smallest studies constipation amount to available show benefit Peppermint Antimicrobial, May reduce 4-5 cups Not toxic; antiviral, blood sugar daily nut for antioxidant, and blood infants and antitumor, pressure, young anti-allergenic; use use caution children.
The most common misconception people have about herbal teas is that they believe that it is the same as pure tea - which is black, white or green tea.
Staff and residents from Anchor's Trinity Lodge took part part in the international event on October 20 sampled a wide range of herbal teas donated by Pukka, Clipper and Tea Pig's tea companies.
Professor Carmichael said a small hospital 100 miles north of Lahore in Pakistan started using the herbal tea 40 years ago to treat breast cancer patients.
Yilouhe Chinese Green Herbal Tea is a mix of natural ingredients such as fenugreek, bitter melon and bee glue.
South African tea company Rooibos, which manufactures roiboos tea - a herbal tea native to the country - is trying to break into the Middle East with its product that is naturally caffeine free and renowned for its high levels of antioxidants and low tannin levels.
8 -- Herbalife, a global nutrition company, announced in India the launch of Herbal Tea Concentrate, a uniquely formulated low calorie energy drink mix with ingredients including orange pekoe extract, green tea extract, black tea extract, hibiscus flower powder and Malva sylvestris extract.