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The image of the Greek hero Herakles was transformed into Behram and Rustam in Iran and into Vajrapani in Gandhara.
(1934) "The oriental origin of Herakles", JHS 54: 40-53.
(45) Dionysos reclines on a hill in the background at the top right of the scene, paired again with Herakles who stands at the top left.
Chapters 1-6 thoroughly review Alexander's career and the traditions his actions engendered, especially anything explicitly or implicitly connecting Alexander to Herakles. There is much valuable analysis here.
Added is a reference to a poem on the subject of Alcestis just published by Palgrave himself: "I am very curious to see your Alcestis: but I fear your knotty & humorous Herakles will knock my Greek-vase treatment to pieces with the public." Clearly Browning had revealed that he was at work on Balaustion's Adventure, and Palgrave modestly deprecates his own poem on the same subject, "Alcestis," published the month before in April 1871 in his Lyrical Poems.
In the plays of Euripides, Herakles' homecoming should have saved his family, but he goes berserk and murders his wife and children (Herakles 922-1015).
At the Eisenhower Executive Office building, in front of an audience that included White House officials and war veterans, the group read selections from Aeschylus' Agamemnon, Euripides' Herakles, Sophocles' Ajax and Homer's Odyssey.
He wrote a song about Herakles killing the triple-headed monster Geryon, fragments of which have gradually been coming to light since 1566.
Herakles later tells her widower Admetos, "To love the dead is endless tears."
ANKARA, September 26, 2011 (TUR) -- The upper part of the "Weary Herakles" statue was handed over to Turkey on Sunday.
Given the magnitude of his labors - killing the Nemean lion, cleaning the Augean stables, fetching the golden apples of the Hesperides, and the list goes on - you can't blame Herakles for being weary.